Check in first

Make sure you to bring your Liability Release all filed out with your child/dren information or had already submitted online. Must be received before entering.

Make sure your little ones are not sick if you are planning to visit our Fun Town. Please 24 hour fever free or if your kids are contagious, please keep them home for the sake of our other children and caretakers visiting Fun Town.

Please make sure to pay at the front counter or let us know your child/ren name/s once you arrive so we can check you in!

Make sure to keep safe any food or snacks you bring to Fun Town, please keep out of reach from other children. Keeping kids safe that has allergies.

Make sure your children wear socks, while playing in our Fun Town. We will have socks for sale if you don’t have any with you.

Make sure your little ones eat snacks sitting down at the tables or small high chairs. No food allowed in play areas.

We will make sure to notify via email to our Fun Town members and we will post in ALL Social Media if we are at our building capacity numbers. Some days we probably are busy as our weather changes. We do reserve the right to turn down members or signed ups, not by choice! But we will work things out for sure.

Party Policy

Any Fun Town Party/Event requires a deposit of $75. Balance due will be paid in full the day of your party/event your deposit will be applied to your balance due.

Make sure to notify Fun Town assistant of any changes of the number of children attending the party/event. We will accommodate any changes with at least 2 days in advance.